Monday, 2 October 2017

5 tips to help you pick the right source of protein

1. Plant vs animal based?
Both plant and animal based contain similar protein content. However, animal based sources such as red meat or other poultry may contain harmful chemicals and diseases. Soy protein may be easier to digest, especially among the elderly.

2. High or low cholesterol content?
Plant based protein contains zero cholesterol

3. High vs low fat content?
While poultry contains saturated and transfat, plant-based proteins are free of them. So fjll up on beans, lentils, tofu and whole grains which give u protein intake without excessive fat.

4. GMO vs Non-GMO
GMO (genetically modified organisms) is a plant, animal or microorganism or other organisms whose genetic modification or engineering techniques. This has been associated with various health risks.

5. Natural source vs processed source
Whenever possible,get your protein in its natural state as processed food may lose its nutrient content. But when you cant or dont get enough protein from your diet, you can opt for a high quality protein powder that gives you all the essential amino acids and calcium for strong bones and teeth!

If you're lack of protein & dont have any other options other than supplements because you just cant drink the original soy drink or whateva reasons, please choose ESP! It delivers sustained energy, with the highest quality plant-based protein suitable for the whole family. Easy & delicious!!😘😘😘


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